MTCC Caribbean Presents at MTCC Africa’s Webinar on GHG Reduction Measures

MTCC Caribbean’s Deputy Direct and GHG Adviser, Mr. Stephan Nanan, and Technical Head, Captain Sukhjit Singh, delivered two featured presentations at MTCC Africa’s recently concluded webinar, entitled GHG Reduction Measures in The African Maritime Sector In-Line with The International and National Regulations. This webinar demonstrated yet another successful conversation in collaboration within the GMN, to drive global efforts towards the decarbonisation of maritime transport by promoting technologies and operations to improve energy efficiency and help navigate shipping into a low-carbon future.  The webinar also featured presentations from Engineer Denis Mulwa, Energy Efficiency Expert, MTCC Africa and Engineer Luke Samba, GHG Expert, MTCC Africa.

Presenters from MTCC Africa’s webinar entitled “GHG Reduction measures in the African Maritime Sector – in line with the International and National Regulations.”


“This meeting provided significant benefits to the MTCC Africa region and participating countries. It demonstrated that despite the exceptionally different and challenging times, with joint efforts and commitments, we can still pull things off and manage to provide platforms on which ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and experience can be shared to address issues such as climate change and air pollution from ships.”

Mrs. Lydia Ngugi, Head, MTCC Africa

This statement highlights the value of information presented by Mr. Nanan, which focused on the state of bunkering and use of alternative fuels in the shipping industry,as well as Captain Singh, who emphasised the role of Port State Control in mitigating GHG emissions from shipping.

Captain Sukhjit Singh presenting on Port State Control and GHG Emissions.”

Positive and constructive outcomes for consideration were stressed, particularly by Captain Singh on the need for:

  • Capacity Building within Maritime Administrations to conduct PSC inspections targeting emissions from ships;
  • A regional approach towards uniformity in enforcing compliance and consequences; and
  • Infrastructure investments to support the regulatory compliance in line with Initial IMO GHG strategy.

Mr. Stephan Nanan presenting on “The state of bunkering and use of alternative fuels in the shipping industry.”

Mr. Stephan Nanan highlighted that:

High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO) will still be very much around by 2030, taking 47%-66% of the fuel mix, and noted that if alternative fuels are to take a greater role in shipping, it will be important to consider upstream emissions beyond the point of operation.

“Maritime Emissions Inventories and Progress within NDCs”

MTCC Caribbean is carded to host the final of three thematic webinars, entitled “Maritime Emissions Inventories and Progress within NDCs” on August 12th, 2021. This webinar will feature presentations by Dr. Donnie Boodlal, who will provide an Overview of the NDCs of the Caribbean Countries and Mr. Stephan Nanan, who will present on the Initiatives for incorporating Maritime GHG emissions in NDCs of Caribbean Countries. The webinar will be moderated by Captain Sukhjit Singh and features a very experienced panel on the topic. For further information and to register for the webinar – Click Here

Feel free to join us, as we continue to address Maritime Climate Action in the Caribbean Region!!!

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